Connect the Grey is a platform for creative ventures.



We apply creative theories and practices to encourage flexible, inventive thinking. 


We draw from trusted research on how people think and work, and we connect people and technology.


We are experienced in managing and financing complex projects to sustain organizations. 


We are deeply rooted in the places we call home, building relationships and striving for impact.

Rural Renaissance Project

The Rural Renaissance Project was recently featured in BBC News for the redevelopment work in Blue Earth, MN.


Leveraging the framework of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math), the Rural Renaissance Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that sparks cultural, educational, and economic development through creative and entrepreneurial investment in rural communities


How we can help

Our services range from single sessions to long-term relationships, helping clients “get unstuck” and teaching them how to incorporate new strategies into the fabric of their organizational culture.

Embrace the grey with us if:

  • You're facing challenges around workforce development, employee engagement, and workplace culture
  • You need to strengthen your organization's succession planning, board development, and leadership structures
  • You are in unfamiliar territory and need support, a new perspective, or help finding relevant solutions
  • You want to engage in new cross-sector approaches to problems affecting business and community
  • Your company’s leaders want to break free from “business as usual” and try new ways of working
  • You want to transform your organization’s culture to one of creativity and innovation

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Our shop features items for sale by the independent artists and creators who drive local economies, as well as publications exploring art, science, business, and community.

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