Eckleburg consulting


Tom Erickson founded Eckleburg Consulting Services in 2014 as a way to help individuals find meaningful and fulfilling careers.  As a Career Strategist he facilitates greater self-awareness in individuals and then uses their increased understanding of self to bridge their current career path to one of purpose.  Whether those individuals feel lost or stuck in their current roles or they simply have not started their career yet at all, Tom is dedicated to helping individuals take a step back before they move forward.

He decided to start Eckleburg Consulting as a direct result of his own experience in the corporate world which left him feeling stuck and unfulfilled.  This caused Tom to look inward so that he could better understand who he was, how he got there, and most importantly so he could form a plan to have a career in something that he was passionate about.  While going through that discovery process, he found that he had a knack for helping others create paths to more fulfilling careers as well. 

Tom’s objective is to grow the number of people that are in their careers on purpose instead of by accident. He believes that if people are doing something at the crossroads of their strengths, interests, and values, the benefits will be felt beyond the individuals he helps.  He foresees his work to be part of a larger ecosystem that creates greater downstream value.  At the organization level, companies and non-profits would benefit from an increase in employee engagement, productivity, and well-being and at a societal level we would all benefit from an increase in the number of people working towards positive and sustainable causes.

Tom received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Political Science from St. Olaf College and is currently working towards his Masters of Business Administration at the Carlson School of Management.  When he is not working or doing schoolwork he enjoys spending time with his daughters and watching them participate in their various artistic and sporting activities.