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Healthy Employees = Healthy Business


We help you prevent injuries and illness that reduce your company’s productivity. 

Health Solutions, serving over 140 clients in the United State and Canada, provides an innovative approach to the problem of high health care costs through innovative injury prevention/health promotion programs. Health Solutions’ personal, flexible format provides companies and individuals with a well-targeted, common sense approach to improve their safety and health. Several powerful formats are used to deliver this safe, healthy lifestyle message. 


Worksite injury prevention/health promotion programs that are carefully targeted and managed offer superior benefits to both the employers and the employees. Many of these benefits affect an employer's bottom line directly (for each dollar invested in our programs, the range of return is typically $1.80 - $16.00), and others, like improved morale and teamwork, are intangible but nevertheless significant.

There is a clear relationship between risk factors and your safety and health care costs - as the number of risk factors increases, so do your safety costs. Worksite injury prevention/health promotion programs can help reduce such risk factors as:

  • Soft tissue injures
  • High body fat
  • High blood pressure
  • Stress-related problems
  • Physical inactivity


Our programs increase productivity by reducing injuries and illnesses. All programs can be targeted to reduce soft tissue injuries. We change negative injury, illness, and related productivity costs into a positive safety and health investment for your employees and your company. Your employees will be more productive; your company will be more profitable.



Phase 1 - Research

  • Injury rate status
  • Site evaluations
  • Management surveys
  • Delivery systems


Phase 2 - Management Presentation

  • Goals & objectives
  • Program requirements
  • Implementation plan & timeline
  • Budgets & fees

Phase 3 - Program Implementation

Two types of programs may be chosen as separate options or can be run concurrently. 

  • Individual programs for high-risk candidates
  • Group safety/health promotion programs


Phase 4 - Program Evaluation

  • Review current injury prevention/health promotion program
  • Recommend modifications for next twelve months
  • Re-implement revised program 

About Deb Lundberg, M.A.

Deb has twenty-six years of experience in injury prevention/health & wellness promotion consulting for various nuclear, construction, engineering, utility, medical, business and community groups.  This includes on-going program management, lectures, workshops, health fairs, health assessments, staff and program development, and “train the trainer” programs.  She has developed several successful intern and “preferred provider” programs, utilizing the best of new technology from area universities and adjunct staff. She specializes in the areas of injury prevention and innovative educational delivery systems that result in the client remembering the material and actually utilizing it.  Her “business” is health education of the “Human Factor” to teach people to break old, unsafe or unhealthy habits and establish new, safe, healthy ones.  This is a highly difficult task and Deb has an unusually high success rate. 

Eight of her twenty-six years were in a hospital-based environment.  There she developed the employee and corporate injury prevention health programming.   She was instrumental in developing a “team” and“preventive” approach to injured workers.  This program alone resulted in substantial personal and corporate savings ($80,000.00 for two consecutive years).

Deb completed two years at the Rocky Flats nuclear clean-up site in Golden, Colorado.  She was their “Health Educator” with responsibilities to reduce the incident injury rate.  This program complemented an already highly successful ergonomic and safety program that was already established.  The program was extremely successful in further lowering their incident rate to an acceptable level.  (Avoided DOT fines of $250,000.00 daily for excessive injury rates!)

Deb founded Health Solutions in 1993 to provide on-site, injury prevention and comprehensive health promotion/wellness services to progressive organizations and businesses that know that their employees are their most valuable assets.   Health Solutions has grown through Deb’s ability to develop and implement cost-effective injury prevention health/safety/wellness programs for these companies.  She is an energetic and motivational speaker presenting to groups of up to 1600 people.  Her one-to-one consulting has resulted in high levels of retention among her clients and she brings only the best, goal orientated, cost-effective resources to her clients.


Deb Lundberg

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