What We're Into: Leading for Innovation


These links offer skills and advice for creative leadership, especially in uncertain environments.

TED Talk: Linda Hill, "How to manage for collective creativity"

Linda Hill's TED Talk focuses on the challenge of leading a culture that encourages and nurtures innovation. For some types of leadership, it's important to establish and rally people around one single vision. But for innovation to thrive, the leader must create a culture where people feel invested and empowered from the bottom up, and are encouraged to contribute to the collective vision.

TED Talk: Itay Talgam, "Lead like the great conductors"

Orchestra conductor Itay Talgam explains the leadership styles of great conductors. He explains that conducting a symphony means empowering the virtuoso musicians to listen to one another and contribute to the collective with their own beautiful sounds.

Book: Ed Catmull, Creativity, Inc.

The president of Pixar discusses how the company was formed, and shares its keys to continuing to develop creative, successful movies. Among Pixar's successes: cultivating insights and innovation from employees at every level.