Explorations Series: Photo Hunt by Bike

The 2016 season of our Explorations series kicked off on June 7 with a photo scavenger hunt by bike! Teams faced off to earn points for creative photos while cycling around Lake Calhoun (Bde Maka Ska) in Minneapolis. After a discussion of the value of being active for mental as well as physical health, we hopped on bikes from Wheel Fun Rentals and set off on the hunt.

The Red Team ultimately rode to victory over the Blue Team, but both teams had fun finding playful ways to capture the items on the scavenger hunt. We leapfrogged teammates, asked strangers for hugs, built sandcastles, and acted out scenes like "an accident waiting to happen" and "a contradiction." The most challenging parts were staying within the time limits and remembering to be cautious and aware — next time, we'll remind competitors to pull quickly out of the path of other bikers when stopping for a photo!

This season of Explorations series is offered in collaboration with Health Solutions, who lead safety and wellness programs for workplaces and communities. We loved having Health Solutions' Deb and Pam along for the photo hunt! Check out the slideshow below to see photos of the fun, and click the links to sign up for our July Explorations: tours of Modist Brewing in Minneapolis and Oswald Brewing in Blue Earth, MN!