Creating Healthy Organizations

Performance and engagement in the workplace suffer when team members sacrifice healthy habits for work — a lack of healthy balance that creates problems for both business owners and employees.

Eating balanced meals, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly prevent health woes that can lead to absenteeism and diminished productivity at work. Physical movement has also been shown to stimulate creative thinking: In a Stanford study, 100 percent of people who walked outside were able to generate at least one creative response to a problem, compared to only 50 percent of study participants who stayed seated indoors. Healthy habits, then, are not only good for individuals, but also for the organizations that employ them.

That means that those organizations should be proactive about nurturing their employees' health. According to a workplace well-being survey by Quantum Workplace, employees are 10% more engaged when provided with healthier food options and 18% more engaged when provided with time for healthy activities. 

At Connect the Grey, we recognize how wellness and balance are essential to helping organizations thrive. That's why we've formed a partnership with Health Solutions, whose programs teach safety and health habits for the workplace and community. 

Health Solutions uses a variety of tools to help people be more aware of their health, including assessments to take stock of factors such as stress, nutrition, and lower back fitness. They guide their clients in discovering simple, everyday steps to being healthier at work and at home, helping people find what works for them as individuals. 

Health Solutions encourages their clients to go beyond basic safety requirements to actively minimize risks and injuries in everyday life. With programs that advise on ergonomic office design, they also help workers avoid long-term stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.

An important part of Health Solutions' work is their evaluation and follow-up with clients. They don't simply assess people's health, offer advice, and leave; they ensure programs are tailored to their clients’ needs and check back in to ensure sustainable results.

Minnesota residents can try these health assessments and resources for free this fall, at Ergonomic & Wellness Regional Networking Workshops co-hosted by Health Solutions and Connect the Grey! These events will allow attendees to learn about wellness programs and assess some of their own health factors, while getting to know people from other companies.Workshops will be held on September 14, October 19, and November 16 at the Greater Mankato Business Development Center in Mankato, MN. Click below to learn more and register!

Connect the Grey's programs create interpersonal safety for people to ask questions, share ideas, and offer feedback, and Health Solutions keeps their clients safe from injury and long-term damage to their bodies. By encouraging companies to move beyond business as usual, and to build safer and more supportive work environments for their employees, we believe we can help make organizations healthier from the top down and bottom up. 

Share your own thoughts on what it means to be healthy and find balance: We'd love to hear from you in the comments!