Explorations Series: Modist Brewing Tour

How do you find the courage to start a new business? What life experiences influence you as you create something new? How do you maintain your passion even when you face obstacles  like having to dump out a full tank of product that went bad?

Questions about creativity, entrepreneurship, non-linear career paths, and learning from failure made for a lively discussion as we toured Modist Brewing in Minneapolis on July 21. We started the night by hearing from Modist co-founder Eric Paredes, who shared his story and answered questions. He talked about the value of building a strong team with diverse strengths; while all four of the Modist co-founders share a love of craft beer, each of them has a specific role that plays to their background and capabilities. (You can learn more about how Modist got its start in our blog post!)

Eric also revealed some of the stumbling blocks that Modist has faced, including a "rogue fermentation" that destroyed an entire tank of beer during an early experiment. Despite the rough setback, the team kept working to refine the recipe and were able to produce a beer that is now on tap at Modist.

Next, Modist's Paige Latham led a tour of the brewing operation, including the mash filter system that is one of only a few of its kind in the country. It's this equipment that allows Modist to experiment with beers that are traditionally impossible, like their 100% wheat beer. Finally, Paige took us through a tasting of Modist's taps, describing the specific flavor combinations and brewing processes while asking for our thoughts on each beer. We ended the night with a discussion of some key themes, particularly the value of learning even from negative experiences. 

The Exploration was a fun, informative investigation into the art and science of craft beer, with lessons for us all to apply to our creative and entrepreneurial ventures. Browse the photos below, and stay tuned for our August Explorations focused on health and nutrition!