What We're Into: Mindsets for Success

Photo by Flickr user Zoltán Vörös

At Connect the Grey, we talk a lot about the importance of mindsets – how simply reframing your vision can help you turn problems into opportunities, find solutions in unexpected places, and treat uncertainty as an adventure. We've been inspired by researcher Carol Dweck on the principle of the "growth mindset," the idea that simply believing you can improve increases your brain's capacity to learn and change – and we've seen this work in our own lives. 

A recent article from Fast Company, quoting a Bridgespan study published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, discussed another list of useful mindsets: ones that have proven beneficial to nonprofit organizations in India. Time and money are perennially scarce for nonprofits, and organizations are challenged to meet overwhelming societal needs with limited resources. This list of mindsets suggests that changing the way an organization approaches problems can powerfully grow their impact.

One of the mindsets discussed is "Innovative Hiring," which refers to tapping hidden talent from unexpected sources. Hiring people for their potential and aptitude for learning, instead of demanding that they already possess specific skills, allows organizations to recognize a wider range of talent. In nonprofits' case, it makes them more able to hire valuable employees from the populations they serve. 

Another mindset discussed in the article is "Collaborative." Nonprofits can pursue government partnerships that allow them to make use of existing resources and infrastructure. This principle can be applied beyond government-nonprofit relationships, too: Any company or organization can save costs and amplify impact by finding strategic partners. 

As you can see, these mindsets have value for for-profit companies as well as nonprofits. Read the article here for the full list of mindsets, then share your thoughts in the comments: How can your organization solve problems by reframing your approach?