CtG's Janie Hanson to Speak at Data for Art Workshop by Monicat Data

Image via Monicat Data

Art and artists have a deep, lasting impact on culture and communities — and though that impact may be different and more complex than a business' return on investment, it can and should be measured. 

That's the insight at the heart of Monicat Data, a Minneapolis-based data management and research agency that brings strategic data to design, visual, and performance artists and art supporting organizations. 

Monicat kicks off its Data for Art Workshop series on Saturday, March 25. Connect the Grey founder and CEO Janie Hanson will speak on a panel on Bridging Art & Data at the workshop, which will be held at The Third Place Gallery in Minneapolis. 

Data research and analysis can help artists and arts organizations successfully market and sell their work. But beyond financial strategy, Monicat also sees data as key to helping artists enhance the impact of what they create. 

"Many would say the value of art is subjective, but we beg to differ. Creativity holds value," Monicat's website explains

With initiatives like the Data for Art Workshop series, Monicat also aims to create connections between artists, funders, and art supporting organizations. 

"As people of color who are part of the arts and data community, we believe it to be important to connect people who would otherwise not have access to ideas, information, and processes," says Kurt Blomberg, Monicat Co-Founder and Lead Creative. 

Monicat's work is exciting to us at Connect the Grey because we promote cross-pollination among art, science, and business, and work to highlight the value of what these not-so-separate sectors have to offer one another.  

For the Bridging Art & Data discussion, Janie will draw from experiences such as majoring in studio art and environmental studies in college, applying creative thinking while earning her business degree and working in the renewable energy industry, and co-owning an art gallery while living in New York. 

Along with Janie, the panel will feature Arlene Birt of Background Stories and Irv Briscoe of Von91. The panelists will share their insights as creative strategists and company founders in a discussion moderated by Cassie Utt, Artistic Gravitator at Monicat.  

The workshop will also include a session on Application of Data for Artists, with a presentation by Renae Youngs, Director of Research and Evaluation for the Minnesota State Arts Board. Monicat's Head Founder, Jasmine Russell, will introduce and moderate the Q&A for the session. 

And Art Planning: Creating a Plan for Impactful Art, an interactive presentation and case study walk-through, will be shared by Kurt of Monicat and Teeko Yang. Teeko serves as Partner and Outreach Coordinator for Northern Lights.mn, co-created the podcast My Token Friend, and leads the ART(IST) IMPACT program at Impact Hub MSP

With this variety of local creative leaders and presentations, says Kurt, "We believe participants will walk away with 3 ideas that were new to them, 2 people that genuinely made them laugh, and 1 concrete application they can use immediately when they return to their working space." 

You can click here to register now for the Data for Art Workshop on March 25. We hope to see you there!