Creative Events Tackle Workforce Development Across Sectors

Minnesota continues to feel the pressure as workforce trends shift around the country: the growth of new industries, the increasing role of technology and automation, and the ongoing retirement of baby boomers as new generations come of age. The state's leaders are looking at the numbers with concern, as the Twin Cities metro area is expected to experience a shortage of 114,000 workers by 2020. 

This summer, our multi-disciplinary team at Connect the Grey will tackle the challenges faced by Minnesota's employers and workforce with events targeted at business leaders and professionals. These workshops aim to bring together people from across sectors to learn more about the issues, consider what they can do in their own workplaces, and collaborate on creative solutions.  

In July, our Learning and Innovation Lead, Katie Boone, will host two sessions on "The Future of Work: Creativity & Business," one on July 12 in Mankato and another on July 21 in St. Paul. These participatory sessions will invite attendees to discuss how to equip today's workers and students with the skills necessary for an evolving economic landscape, and how to involve creativity and art in strategizing about workforce development.  

Katie shares a quote from the Japanese industrialist Konosuke Matsushita, saying, “Continued existence depends upon the day-to-day mobilization of every ounce of intelligence.”

"Businesses and organizations and communities are facing tremendously complex challenges and issues," she explains. "Those require us to engage all of our voices and our intelligence to find solutions, including bringing in the voices of creators and the creative mind." 

We will share the findings from both group sessions publicly, as conversations about the future of the workforce continue throughout the state.  

For business leaders eager to dive into how they can adapt to new trends within the workplace, we will host a discussion on "Communicating Across Generations" on August 9 in Mankato and on August 17 in St. Paul. These introductory sessions invite participants to share how they are experiencing generational conflicts at work and to discuss strategies for solving those conflicts.

Those interested in this summer's events can register at the following links:  

We hope you can join us!