What is a Catalyst?

A chemical catalyst sparks and speeds up a reaction that creates something new. Connect the Grey's Catalysts are people who activate change: creative leaders and entrepreneurs with experience in facilitation, mentoring, and consulting. 


  • Ask thoughtful questions to prompt reflection and analysis 
  • Offer constructive critique of programs and organizations 
  • Help organizations manage and prepare for risk 
  • Diagnose, deconstruct, and solve complex problems 
  • Train clients to practice and sustain innovation

A Catalyst pushes employees and teams onto new ground, encouraging them to understand alternative perspectives.  

Catalysts have experience moving from ideas to action, and they approach problems with imagination and resourcefulness. They've been through the struggles and false starts that come with creating and innovating, and can offer guidance and support. 

Catalyst training

Beyond offering the Catalyst model as a service for businesses and organizations, we also offer Catalyst training to help individuals learn to give useful feedback, ask open-ended questions, and offer insightful guidance to others. 

Trained Catalysts can: 

  • Use their skills for sustained innovation and results within their organizations 
  • Be prepared to lead and offer thoughtful critique in future roles, companies, and volunteer positions 
  • Work with Connect the Grey in targeted community programs, using Catalyst methods to support local ecosystems of entrepreneurs, artists, social enterprises, and nonprofits

Join our network and learn about becoming a Catalyst!

Catalyst case studies

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