The Rural Renaissance

New initiatives for entrepreneurial investment
and community development

The Rural Renaissance Project is an initiative to bring the vision of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) expertise and opportunities to rural communities.

While the current solution narrative for transforming America’s workforce is STEM (STEAM, without the arts), we feel the arts are also essential in making small rural Midwestern cities relevant in attracting and sustaining a 21st-century workforce. We see the situation as an imperative to reverse the flow of talent out of rural America.

Current architects of this vision are Connect the Grey founder Janie Hanson, originally of Frost, Minnesota (population 199), and StatFutures co-founder Deanna Lahre, originally of Windfall, Indiana (population 708).

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Join us to help build this vision!

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The Opportunity

We see Rural Renaissance as an opportunity to solve a 5-part problem:


Tech is an integral part of life in the 21st Century. We will create tech hubs to develop new solutions and attract software engineers, coders, and data science experts to live and work in rural areas based on lower cost of living, community connection, and access to open and natural spaces. 


Arts and culture are a part of any thriving community, essential to livability. We will spark artist residencies, educational opportunities, and public spaces to gather as a catalyst for community growth.


Our vision is to de-commoditize current life by creating market opportunities and scale for local & artisanal foods, supporting farm families engaged in production agriculture. Blockchain technology will underpin the contract and tracking systems needed to implement this idea.

UTILITIES: Internet / Water / Energy

Develop the technologies and analytics to enhance broadband internet in rural areas. Advance municipal water systems, septic systems, and agricultural water conservation practices. Develop sustainable energy sources to drive a cleaner future.


Improved access to medical services; implementing cleverly designed, technology enhanced programs for preventive care and wellness.

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