STEAM City Initiative

Connect the Grey's new STEAM City initiative supports cross-sector collaborations at a local level. STEAM combines the rigor of the scientific method with the creativity of the arts for an integrative approach to problem-solving. STEAM City applies that approach to local partnerships and challenges.

Learn more about the concept here, and help us build it by attending an open conversation or contacting us directly!



From STEM to STEAM: Building Creativity In Our City

What new opportunities are created when we change STEM to STEAM?

What happens when creativity is combined with scientific analysis? What could that do for our places of work and learning?

What are the STEAM assets we have as a community? How can we leverage them?

Connect the Grey and facilitator Katie Boone hosted this conversation, about the value of STEAM and the potential to grow creative thinking in local economies and communities, in Mankato on September 13 and in St. Paul on September 25. See takeaways from those conversations here.

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