What we do

Connect the Grey trains businesses and organizations in practices that drive innovation, with a focus on nurturing talent and improving organizational communications and culture. We work with complex institutions across the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. 

Our services range from single sessions to long-term relationships, helping clients "get unstuck" and sustain innovation over time. Connect the Grey's goals include helping our clients: 

  • Attract and retain competitive talent
  • Innovate while foreseeing and managing risk
  • Practice regular habits to stimulate creative thinking and effective problem-solving
  • Improve organizational processes and individual behavior to increase productivity and achieve goals
  • Maintain stability and growth through transitions such as leadership changes and mergers
  • Build a pipeline of innovation that replenishes the organization and promotes ongoing evolution

Connect the Grey Catalysts

All of our programs are led by Catalysts: creative leaders and entrepreneurs with experience in facilitation, mentoring, and consulting.  

Catalysts are trained to ask thoughtful questions, give constructive feedback, and deconstruct complex problems to find practical solutions.


Get a taste of Connect the Grey's programs with a one-time workshop or short series! We offer interactive, facilitated sessions at public venues and conferences; we can also tailor each workshop for businesses and organizations.

Topics include: 

  • Helping people from different generations communicate effectively at work
  • Considering the future of work and the changes coming in your workplace and industry
  • Applying creative principles and practices to business challenges

Contact us to learn about our workshops for companies and teams.

Ecosphere: peer learning & support

"Ecosphere" refers to the part of the atmosphere where it becomes possible to breathe. In our Ecosphere model, cohorts of professionals learn alongside one another, provide mutual support, and practice soft skills such as giving and receiving constructive feedback.

Each peer cohort includes about 6 people of different ages, backgrounds, industries, and job titles, all of whom share a key concern or professional challenge. For example, they may be entrepreneurs in the early stages of forming a business, or people whose roles involve talent management. Within the loose structure of Ecosphere, participants are invited to decide as a group which topics and goals to focus on.

The Ecosphere model can also be used within companies to help people from different levels and departments better understand each other and work together. For example, a regular Ecosphere series can improve communication among teams such as sales, finance, and research and development.

Contact us to learn more about joining an Ecosphere cohort.

Explorations: creative outings
for teams

Just as athletes cross-train their bodies with a variety of exercises, it's important to cross-train your brain to stay limber and ready to solve new problems. Explorations are activities that invite teams to stretch beyond their comfort zones.

Like school field trips, Explorations invite people to experience concepts in new ways by touching, feeling, and participating hands-on, and then building on that learning back in the classroom — or workplace.

Past Explorations have included kayaking with Bent River Outfitter and touring behind the scenes at craft breweries.